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About Us

Spoil your cat while you are away by booking him a stay at Regina's Cat Hotel.

This Dog-Free Zone is an owner operated, temperature controlled, in-home facility which has been offering tender loving care to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds since 1999.

The kitties will tell you that all day is cuddle time and any time is lap time.

Booking a Room

Arranging a stay for your cat is simple - just call ahead to book his or her stay. Always bring kitty in a carrier with a copy of recent vaccines and, to avoid tummy upsets, enough of his on food to last for the duration of his visit.

An All-Inclusive Resort

When the bird and squirrel video is over there is lots of live action out the back window overlooking the fish pond.

All kitty condos are spacious with each one having its own whisker clean private washroom facility.

Lower kennels cater to the arthritic kitty while the kitty townhouse offers up and down exercise for the more isometric feline.

There are also catwalks and cat trees for the nimble-footed guest.

Rescue Fund

In addition to the boarding facility, every November I host a large craft sale in order to raise funds for my rescue program called "Cats Have Feelings Too!".

All money from the sale of my hand made items helps to pay for the medical care and rehabilitation of these homeless creatures before sending them to their Furrrever Home.

Some of the medical services include emergency care, deworming, flea treatment, vaccinations, spaying and neutering.