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Pampering Your Feline

When you're on vacation, make sure your furry companion is loved and cared for by bringing him or her to Regina's Cat Hotel in Oshawa, Ontario. Our boarding resort has the purrrfect accommodations to keep your kitty happy and pampered when you're away. Our services are tailored to your pet's personality and requirements. Pampering your feline is affordable at $20 a day per cat. If your cat requires medication the cost is $22 a day. If your cat requires insulin the cost is $25 a day. Boarding fee is per day. There is a full charge for the arrival day as well as the discharge day.

Fun and Play

During your cat's stay with us, health and well being is the top priority. Each day he or she will get a nose-to-tail physical exam and loads of individual playtime. There will be no exchange of litter boxes dishes and bedding. During your pet's individual play time he will be pampered with lots of pawsome specialized attention, such as:

• Daily Aerobics

• Stress Management

• Behaviour Modification

• Breakfast in Bed

• Meditation

• Reward Therapy

Hygiene is Number One

All kennels, litter boxes, dishes, and bedding are disinfected regularly with hospital-grade cleaners. Diabetic felines are assessed individually and treated accordingly. If required, there is a veterinarian close by to handle any illness such as diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of appetite.

Please treat your cat with a flea control or this is what will happen...

For the Dignified Cat

While some kitties want to live in the lap of luxury, others may require an attitude adjustment.

Your furry friend will learn how to sit in the middle of a newspaper while you read around him.

Other lessons and games to be learned are...


• You Are Beautiful

• Disorganized Hide and Seek

Catch Me If You Can