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'My beloved feline companion Harmony has been enjoying her stays at the Cat Hotel for quite some time now. Being an actor, my work often takes me out of town, and it provides me great peace of mind to know that while I am away, she is more than happy living in Regina's five-star lap of luxury. My only concern is that she will grow to enjoy "hotel life" more than life at home.'
- M. Riley

'Long before my initial introduction to Regina Reddick or a personal tour of her immaculate "cat hotel", I had been getting rave reviews about her facility and the personalized care received by the cats fortunate enough to spend their "holidays" with her while their "people" went away.

'Regina is a kind compassionate woman who has essentially dedicated her life to the betterment of cat lives everywhere through either the provision of what I feel to be the most pleasant boarding environment a cat could ever dream of, and the provision of countless adoptive homes for the ever increasing numbers of stray, abused, neglected, and forgotten felines through the nonprofit feline rescue group that Regina organized and runs in her "spare time".

'Though this website of her facility paints a vivid picture of what your lucky feline could expect, you really have to see it to believe just how much detail has been paid to providing the most comforting idea of "home away from home". From a visual perspective the cats can spend their days lounging by the aquarium, playing with endless cat

toys, socializing with other happy cats, watching their favorite videos (especially those from home or those with the great audio sounds of birds), or napping on a cat condo in front of the large picture window. The sounds are also conducive to rest and relaxation for even the most upset or timid feline individual.

'I have been fortunate enough to have gotten to know Regina quite well over the past year, and in this time, I have learned that the care and health of her cats, and those that she boards and rescues, is her ultimate priority. This, of course, is very important to me when it comes to recommending a boarding facility for trusting clients who absolutely want the best care for their beloved animal companions. I feel that it should speak for itself when I say that I would gladly send any or all of my own six hairy babies to the cat hotel under Regina's care, and know that when I returned home to get them, they would be as happy (if not happier) as when I left.

'The Cat Hotel is a five-star feline resort in my eyes. See for yourself.'
-J. Mokler, DVM